What is Yogakshemam ?

Yogakshemam as the name suggests promotes overall wellness by means of meditation techniques and by rendering other psychological services.

In our routine life we come across many situations where we tend to get agitated, depressed, stressed about the happenings around viz. behaviour of your beloved, perceivably irreconcilable differences with your partner, stubbornness of your children, concerns on the career pursuits of your children etc.

Visit us to understand your mind, self and if there is a need, transform your life with your thoughts, create what you desire, rather than living through a limiting life that is not working for you.The journey into this transformation awaits you here at Yogakshemam. It’s only Mind, Body and Life which matter. Come and enjoy this blissful experience.

How We do?

We caress minds, to transform them to positivity by releasing the past baggage and thus letting you attain a wholesome experience of life.

This experience helps the person to understand the structure of their thoughts, assists in exploring his/her inner self and hence transforms them to enjoy the blissful journey called life.

At Yogakshemam, we perceive your thoughts using an approach of traditional consultation, subjective questionnaires and proven scientific techniques.

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Our Services


Mindfulness is a life discipline for raising awareness of ‘what is’ in us and around us. Practicing mindfulness is like building up a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Only rather than building up a muscle, practicing mindfulness strengthens our mind.

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People are often not able to maintain a balance between their professional life and personal life as a result of carrying over their stress, anger, anxiety from one aspect of their life to another.

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Reiki is “spiritual healing” or “spiritually guided life force energy”. More simply put, reiki is universal life energy, harnessed and guided by a trained practitioner that has been attuned to the practice

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Every time I meditate it makes me feel fresh and really good. this was possible only because of Yogakshemam. We did different types of meditations dealing with various situations... it helps on throwing out all the negative vibes from our body... thanks to Anuradha for introducing it to me.





I really loved the career counselling and it was really effective for me. What matters is even after counselling ma'am answered my queries and helped me solve my confusion in choosing a career.





I used to suffer from severe knee pain till about 3 months ago… Thanks to Ms.Anuradha for relieving me from the pain and healing me through reiki….I feel much more at ease now!!




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